Te Kura

Our website

The new banner on our website is based on a kaitiaki (guardian) and its relationships with tuakana (older sibling)/teina (sister/brother) –  whanaunga.  The weave pattern symbolises the connections and relationships (whanaunga) between students, teachers and Te Kura staff, whanau, iwi, hapū and communities. The manaia sits at the top of as the guardian looking after us all, supported by our relationships. It is the tuakana/teina and the weave pattern is the older sibling/brother sister to it. 

The Te Kura green has pride of place in this design. It is derived from the kahurangi type of pounamu. Kahurangi is the rarest variety of pounamu and is named after the clearness of the sky. The word kahurangi also indicates nobility and refers to precious jewels.