Te Kura


We produce a number of publications in addition to our own school resources and teaching materials.

Consultation on Charter and Annual Plan 2018

Please find our consultation document for our charter and annual plan 2018. We are interested in hearing from our community about your views on the course we have set for Te Kura over the coming year. We look forward to receiving your feedback by 15th January 2018.

Consultation on Charter and Annual Plan 2018 [198KB]


Link Up

Link Up is our quarterly magazine that keeps our students and their family/whanau up to date with news at Te Kura and showcases students' successes and achievements.


Latest issue of Link Up

December 2017 issue 34 [PDF 2.46MB]


Previous issues of Link Up

September 2017 issue 33 [PDF 2.31MB]

June 2017 issue 32 [PDF 2MB]

March 2017 issue 31 [PDF 2MB]

December 2016 issue 30 [PDF 2.9MB]

September 2016 issue 29 [2.5MB]

June 2016 issue 28 [PDF2MB]

March 2016 issue 27 [PDF1.7MB]

December 2015 issue 26 [PDF 1.7MB]

September 2015 issue 25 [PDF 3.21MB]

June 2015 issue 24 [PDF 2MB]

March 2015 issue 23 [PDF 2.2MB]

September 2014 issue 21 [PDF 2MB]

June 2014 issue 20 [PDF 2MB

March 2014 issue 19 [PDF 3MB]

November 2013 issue 18 [PDF 2MB]

August 2013 issue 17 [PDF 6MB]

June 2013 issue 16 [PDF 2MB]

March 2013 issue 15 [PDF 3MB]

December 2012 issue 14 [PDF 16MB]

July 2012 issue 13 [PDF 7MB]

May 2012 issue 12 [PDF 8MB]

February 2012 issue 11 [PDF 3MB]


Student guides

Choice 2018 [1.8MB]

Guide to Te Kura [PDF 839kB]

Young adult student leaflet [PDF 680kB]

Student Guide to National Certificates [PDF 2.94MB]

Student Guide to Years 11-13 [PDF 1.97MB]

Student Guide to Years 7-10/Te Ara Hou [PDF 1.44MB]

Student Guide to Years 1-6 [PDF 547kB]

Special Education Information Guide [PDF 502kB]

Early Childhood Information Guide [PDF 505kB]


Other publications

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu Board of Trustees - submission on the Education (Update) Amendment Bill [PDF 590KB]

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu Charter and Annual Plan 2017 [PDF 530 kB]

Exploring new metrics report [PDF 1MB]

Briefing to the Incoming Minister 2014 [PDF 500kB]

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu Strategic Plan 2013-2018 [PDF 802kB]

Gateway information leaflet [PDF1.8MB]

Gateway application form [PDF 100KB

Authentic learning, student information leaflet [PDF 2MB]

Authentic learning, mentor information leaflet [PDF2MB]

Early childhood information leaflet [PDF 272kB]



Reporting documents

2016 Annual Report [PDF 1.13MB]

2015 Annual Report [PDF 1.82MB]

2014 Annual Report [PDF 2.3MB]

2013 Annual Report [PDF 1 MB]

2012 Annual Report [PDF 2MB]

2011 Annual Report [PDF 1MB]

2010 Annual Report [PDF 4.5MB]

2009 Annual Report [PDF 2.4MB]

2008 Annual Report [PDF 750kB

2007 Annual Report [PDF 1MB]

2010 Report on achievement against the National Standards [PDF 1.4MB]

2010 NCEA results (all students) [PDF 713KB]

2010 NCEA results for Maori students [PDF 733KB]