Te Kura

Non Returner process running on 30 April

3 April 2017

The second monthly Non Returner process will be run on 30 April 2017 at the end of the Holidays.

In order to make sure students are not caught out by the Non returner process at the end of April it is important to read this message.

Please ensure a piece of assessable work is submitted in time to be assessed by your teacher well before the end of term one, on the 13 April. This will ensure that you will not be included in the Non Returner process at the end of April.

If your work does not arrive in time to be marked by the end of term, or it arrives during the holidays, it will remain in a drop box until the end of the holidays and you will then receive a NR letter 1. Once the teachers return at the beginning of May, your school work will be assessed and your non returners status will be cancelled.

Please contact your Subject Teacher or Learning Advisor if you have any questions