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Horticulture 1000
HT1021 - Practical skills - What is horticulture?
Session 1 - What is horticulture?

What is horticulture?

Horticulture involves making more plants (propagating) and growing and caring for plants for both pleasure and/or profit.

There are many sectors to the horticulture industry in New Zealand. A few of them include:

The many sectors of the horticulture industry in New Zealand

  • arboriculture
  • market gardening
  • orchards
  • floriculture
  • floristry
  • glasshouse vegetables
  • amenity horticulture
  • nurseries
  • landscape design
  • landscape construction
  • turf culture
  • fungi
  • research scientists
  • tissue culture
  • hydroseeding.

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Key points   Key points

  • There are many career options available in the different sectors of horticulture.

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