Years 1-13 eligibility - Full time students

Which option below best describes your student's reason for enrolling: (select the applicable category)

Geographic isolation or inaccessibility

Student is unable to attend their local school because the family lives more than 3.2km from the nearest school or bus route (Years 1 - 8), or 4.8km or more if the child is Year 9 or older, or inaccessibility (due to travel hazards) prevents attendance at a local school.


Family intends to change location at least once each term and each change would require a change of school. The minimum enrolment period for this category is six months.

Young parents

Student is pregnant and/or has the primary responsibility for caring for their baby.

Exceptional arts and sports performance

Student is an elite athlete or sports-person, or outstanding actor or performer, or elite musician or dancer.

Excluded or expelled students

Student is excluded or expelled from school and cannot attend another. The Ministry of Education recommends the student's enrolment with Te Kura.

Non-enrolled student

A non-enrolled student is one whom local schools are unwilling to enrol and who is unwilling to attend the local schools.

Child, Youth and Family enrolments

Student is in the custody/guardianship of the Child, Youth and Family service (CYF). CYF sends in an application for the student's enrolment with us.

Psychological or psychosocial grounds

Student is unable to attend their local school due to their assessed psychological or psychosocial needs. A Group Special Education (GSE) psychologist assesses the student's psychological or psychosocial needs, and GSE recommends the student's enrolment with Te Kura.


Student is living overseas for at least six months and is unable to attend an overseas school full-time or cannot receive full tuition in an overseas school or requires tuition in New Zealand national qualification subjects
Applications for this enrolment category must be made within 12 months of departure from New Zealand.

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