Te Kura


Am I eligible for enrolment?
Read the Ministry of Education's enrolment policy for eligibility criteria. 

How do I enrol?
You can enrol online or download a printable enrolment form.

My child is not eligible. Can we still enrol?
You can enrol your child as a fee-paying student. Check the course fees schedules for details.

I am going overseas soon. Can I enrol my child with you?
Use our enrolment eligibility wizard  to check if your child is eligible to enrol or check the enrolment policy in the New Zealand Gazette.

Since 2006, some students living overseas in English-speaking countries have not been eligible for enrolment.

Do you cater for children who have an exemption to be home schooled?
Yes, these children can be enrolled as full-time fee-paying students. We need to receive a copy of the Certificate of Exemption from the Ministry of Education with the enrolment.

How can I get a Certificate of Exemption to home school?
Discuss this with the principal of your student’s current school. Formal application needs to be made to your local Ministry of Education office.

What are the isolation criteria?
A student must live further than a certain distance from the nearest school, regardless of whether it is the school the student attends. The distance is measured over the shortest public road or walking route from the home roadside gate of the student to the nearest school. The full policy and distance requirements are in the New Zealand Gazette.

We live in a house truck. Are we eligible to enrol?

If your family plans to move at least once each term, and each move would require a change of school, you may meet itinerancy criteria. The shortest enrolment period is six months. Use our enrolment eligibility wizard to check if you are eligible to enrol, or read the Ministry of Education enrolment policy.

Do I have to be a New Zealander to enrol?
Use our enrolment eligibility wizard to see if you are eligible.

My child has special learning needs. Do you provide extra help?
Extra help may be available for students who need it. Please contact your child’s teacher or learning advisor.