Computer requirements

For our online programmes you will need to have access to a computer with stable Internet access. The software or online service you use to do your work should allow you to do these things.

  • send and receive emails
  • access and contribute to online discussions
  • download documents (typically these are in PDF format)
  • play video and audio files
  • provide your work to us in common digital document or spreadsheet formats.

If you do not have document creation software such as Microsoft Office suite or Open Office suite on your computer you can use the Google Drive free online
service to create and edit common file formats. You will need a Google account to access the Google Drive service. See

You may also need a CD-ROM drive and a printer or other specific computer requirements to complete your course. Take a look at your course description for specific computer requirements.

We also recommend that you have anti-virus software on your computer.

Browser requirements

We recommend that you have one of the following browsers installed (latest versions wherever possible):

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 or 10)
  • Safari (version 5.1+)
  • Chrome (latest version).

Download the most up to date version of these browsers from the following websites:

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer



Browser Plug-ins

You will also need the following Browser plug-ins to study online with Te Kura:

Adobe Reader – For viewing PDF documents in your course.

Adobe Flash – For viewing animations in your course.