Attendance requirements

How often do I have to send in work?
We encourage students to send work to us as they complete it, so teachers can give feedback. All students, other than early childhood and fee-paying students, must return at least one piece of assessable work per course per month, or they may be removed from our roll.

To be eligible for payment for supervision, full-time students must return work at least once a month.

I can’t send any work in for some time. What should I do?
Contact your teacher or learning advisor to discuss the situation and your options.

What happens if I don’t send in assessable work regularly?
Students who do not send in work for two consecutive months will be removed from our roll. If you are under 16 years old, not returning work is regarded as truanting and we will notify the Ministry of Education’s truancy service.

As a parent/supervisor, what can I do to make sure my student attends school?
Encourage your student to send in assessable work every two to three weeks.

I’m a supervisor. How will I know if my student is truanting?
We will send you a letter if your student has not sent any work for a month or more. The student will be taken off our roll if no assessable work is received by the end of the following month.

For example, our records might show that no work was received from a student in July (and the student has been enrolled for two months or more). We will send a letter saying that assessable work must be received by the end of August.

In this example, if no work is received by the end of August, a final letter will be sent. This letter will say the student has been taken off our roll. Students taken off the roll are referred to the truancy service if they are under 16 years old.

What if I haven’t returned work because of special circumstances?
If special circumstances have prevented you from returning work, you or your supervisor should contact the teacher.

I have a dual-enrolled student not returning work. What should I do?
Check the list of non-engaged students on our Te Kura Enrolment System, which is updated each month. It is your responsibility to withdraw students who have not returned work or to let us know of any extenuating circumstances.