Te Kura

Dual Tuition

The Education Act 1989 provides that students are enrolled with only one school, but allows them to be registered with other providers for specific courses. We work with schools around New Zealand to provide learning programmes for dual-enrolled students and to support students who are at risk or have special learning needs.

We have a wide range of subjects and courses available to dual students. Search our course list or download our course selection guide Choice.

Eligibility criteria for dual students are set by the Ministry of Education and reviewed each year. Check the Ministry of Education enrolment policy to see if your student/s is eligible.

Dual students must be registered online. You can register students for the following year from November, or for the current year until about mid-October. Dual students must be re-registered each year.

See our guidelines for coordinators on the Getting started page for more information.

For registration enquiries, contact Enrolment Services on 0800 65 99 88 extension 5044 or email enrolment@tekura.school.nz

Our teachers can be contacted by telephone or email, and are available during term time.


Returning work to Te Kura in 2017

It is important that students are able to start their course without delay and receive timely feedback while the learning is still fresh in their minds. Automation of enrolments has significantly reduced the time it takes for dual students to be registered. Online delivery has meant students can submit work and receive feedback much faster. However, there are some delays in students receiving feedback on their work when it is being returned by post.

Te Kura has ceased providing plastic posting bags and permit paid address cards for dual-registered students. So as much as possible, we encourage students to return work for assessment by uploading it to the OTLE course dropboxes. A small number of dual-registered students, such as those registered through the special education and remedial gateways or in some specialist subjects, may need to return work for assessment by post. We believe it is reasonable for schools to meet the cost of returning this work by post if required because schools receive full funding for students they register with Te Kura.

Courses for students in years 9−13: further online developments and requirements

Following two years of development, 13 courses at curriculum levels 3−5 (the ‘000’ courses for years 9 and 10 students) will only be available online through Te Kura’s Online Teaching and Learning Environment (OTLE) in 2016. Five languages courses which are currently only available in print (Chinese, French, German, Japanese and te reo Maori) and a new Spanish language course will be delivered through a mix of online modules and print-based resources. By the end of 2016 these language courses will be fully online.    

NCEA Level 1 course materials will be a mix of interactive online modules and PDF booklets as we progressively adapt the existing booklet-based materials for online delivery. A minimum of five (or equivalent) fully online modules will be available in most courses from the beginning of the school year. All NCEA Level 1 students will start their courses online. Online modules will be added to the OTLE progressively throughout 2016. When online modules are under development, PDF booklets will be available via the OTLE for students to download. As new modules are placed online, students will be required to use the online module and the corresponding PDF will be removed. By the end of 2016 it is expected that all of the NCEA Level 1 booklets will be online.

In summary in 2016:

  • All students in years 9−11 will start the year working online.
  • The majority of year 9−10 courses will only be available online.
  • Five modules of NCEA Level 1 in most learning areas will be available online from term 1. As the year progresses more online modules will be added until all NCEA Level 1 modules are available as online interactive modules only.
  • Curriculum Level 1 Special Education courses will continue to be delivered in booklet form.
  • Curriculum Level 2 courses will continue to be delivered in booklet form.
  • All costs of return post to Te Kura will be covered by providers.

In accepting the 2016 Service Level Agreement, you will be agreeing to supply the computer hardware, software and internet access requirements for each student enrolled in any of these online courses. You will also be agreeing to cover the cost of postage for any student work returned to Te Kura for assessment.

Full-time students

We require information on the educational background of students from your school who become full-time or fee-paying students with Te Kura. Please fill in one of the forms below and upload it to the online enrolment system.

Full-time Primary Education Profile [Doc 125kB]
Full-time Secondary Education Profile [Doc 90kB]