Te Kura

Dual Provider Partnership Agreement

Partnership Agreement for dual tuition

The Dual Provider Partnership Agreement outlines the responsibilities of Te Kura and of the dual student’s school of enrolment. It fulfils the requirement in the Ministry of Education’s enrolment policy for a service level agreement between the registering school and Te Kura.

The Dual Provider Partnership Agreement explains:
(a) Teaching, curriculum materials and assessment service responsibilities of Te Kura
(b) the school of enrolment’s responsibilities for the student’s attendance and supervision and for meeting Te Kura course completion and return of work requirements, and
(c) the circumstances in which Te Kura is required by its funding arrangements and by its enrolment policy to terminate dual tuition.

There are two versions of the Dual Provider Partnership Agreement:

Service Level Agreement for Regional Health Schools

Dual Provider Partnership Agreement (This applies to all other dual providers.) 

Accepting the terms and conditions of the Dual Provider Partnership Agreement

By registering one or more students with Te Kura for dual tuition, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the Dual Provider Partnership Agreement.

Your Principal, Principal’s Nominee and Te Kura Coordinator and any teacher aides working with special education students should all have copies of the Dual Provider Partnership Agreement for reference. Please note the specific conditions about qualifications in the last section.

Contacting Te Kura

To discuss:

  • dual tuition entry criteria or a dual student’s registration – email enrolment@tekura.school.nz or ring 0800 65 99 88 (select option 1 from the menu)
  • a student’s course or progress – call or email the Te Kura subject teacher. The Te Kura Enrolment System (TES) lists the teachers for each dual student and their contact details.
  • the Dual Provider Partnership Agreement or for other help – contact the Relationship Coordinator for your region.

Your contacts at the Te Kura regional offices are:

Northern Region

Chris Sanders
Email: chris.sanders@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: (09) 365 9802 or 0800 65 99 88 ext: 9709

Central North Region
In the interm please contact Regional Manager, Anil Singh
Email: anil.singh@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: 0800 65 99 88 ext: 8625

Central South Region
Charmaine Castle
Email: charmaine.castle@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: (04) 474 5015 or 0800 65 99 88 ext 8033 or 027 292 1519

Southern Region
Eileen Kerr
Email: eileen.kerr@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: (03) 353 0595 or 027 591 7742

If you would like to know more about the role and activities of your regional Relationship Coordinator, please contact them.

If the contact details for your school’s Te Kura coordinator change, please update them as soon as possible in the Te Kura Enrolment System.