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Dual reintegration pathway

Keeping students connected to school

The Reintegration Pathway has been developed from the Manawatu Project, an intensive research and development undertaking in 2008/9. Several schools in Palmerston North and Feilding accessed an existing dual enrolment gateway with Te Kura (then The Correspondence School) to support students at risk of disconnecting from school to:
  • remain meaningfully engaged with school and learning, progressing and achieving (NZC); and
  • experience enhanced wellbeing.

This initiative targets students in Years 9 to 13. They attend and remain enrolled with their school, and, as appropriate, have opportunities to participate in at school, such as sporting and cultural activities. Schools identify likely students in the course of their day-to-day monitoring and review practices. Risk indicators provide an indication of the broad array of challenges that potentially impact on a student’s well being and learning, and that might prompt a school to consider the Reintegration Pathway.

The dual enrolment gateway accessed is Reintegration – enrolment reason 'Psychological/Psycho-social'. This allows for up to two Te Kura courses at any one time. Course selection within a subject area can be closely aligned to the student’s learning levels, interests and needs.


How does it work?

Through collaborative and strengths-based practice, students, families, school and other relevant personnel, will work together to develop an Achievement Plan, an integrated plan that documents key administrative, educational and social information, including the student’s goals for learning and wellbeing. All components of a student’s timetable are identified including school-provided subjects, Te Kura Programme of Learning (refer to our subjects and courses pages to see what is available), any sporting and cultural commitments, as well as well being-enhancing programmes within and outside of school. Obligations required of the student by way of restorative and disciplinary processes are included. The school uploads the Achievement Plan with the online enrolment application.

This is a student- driven process in which respectful interactions are encouraged, to develop a pathway forward that recognises the student’s strengths and challenges, learning and lifestyle needs, and the value in working together on ‘the same page’. Ongoing monitoring and regular review by all stakeholders ensures progress is promoted and issues are identified and resolved early on.

Communication between the student, family, schools (home school and Te Kura) and other relevant personnel is ongoing. The school leads these processes.


Schools, students and whanau report positive outcomes for learning and well being are enhanced through the reintegration pathway when students and their whanau work together with their school, Te Kura and other professionals, and where the school learning environment is:


  • friendly, inviting, respectful and inclusive of students and whanau
  • consistent and predictable
  • emotionally and physically safe
  • able to accommodate individual student needs as well as supportive of a collective identity
  • attractive, well organised and well resourced
  • promoted by senior management and supported by all staff members as positive, enabling and progressive
  • solutions-focused and restorative
  • appropriately paced to reflect both individual student needs and classroom expectations, and
  • reflective of wider school expectations around matters of compliance with eg attendance, uniform.


The pathway works best when communication between the school, students, whanau, Te Kura and other personnel is promoted and enabled and students are encouraged and supported to take a lead role in enacting steps towards attaining their Achievement Plan goals.

The essence of this programme is centred on schools:

  • identifying students at risk of disconnecting from learning; and
  • working collaboratively with all key stakeholders in that young person’s life, to build an optimistic, future-focused plan towards success.

Accessing support for learning through Te Kura’s dual reintegration gateway adds a further tool to a school’s kit of effective responses. The existing Service Level Agreement between schools and Te Kura applies.

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