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Working with us to support student engagement and achievement

To enjoy and succeed in Te Kura courses, dual enrolled students need a supportive and structured environment, clear expectations of what study with Te Kura involves, adequate study time and the necessary resources for their courses.

The following information offers simple, best practice guidelines designed to help you, as coordinator, provide the best support for your school's dual students. Please read through it and the other resources on our website, and use any that are relevant to you and your students. If you have students who will be working in the My Te Kura, you will find further useful resources and information in the course for school coordinators which has been set up in My Te Kura. You can access the course by logging in to My Te Kura using your provider login and clicking on the down arrow next to 'Select a course' - the course name is 00-Dual Schools.

Appoint a coordinator

We recommend that each school that registers students for dual tuition with Te Kura, appoints a coordinator who will be responsible for managing students and supporting them to be successful in their studies with Te Kura. 

Each school should ensure:

  • The 'Te Kura coordinator' is allocated sufficient time to carry out the role.
  • New coordinators are encouraged to contact the Te Kura Relationship Coordinator for their region.
  • Up to date contact details are provided to Te Kura, via the ‘Request for Information’ screen on Te Kura Enrolment System (TES), including contacts for the school, Coordinator, Principal and Principal’s Nominee.
  • Dean and senior staff-level support is provided for the coordinator.

Coordinators are also the main contact for Te Kura teachers at each school/provider.

Your regional Relationship Cooordinator is your Te Kura support person and a useful person to keep in touch with, to answer questions and to assist with any difficulties. Their contact details are below.

The coordinator role

A Te Kura coordinator is the person responsible for managing students who are dual enrolled with Te Kura. As coordinator you are pivotal to the success of your dual enrolled students and are the main point of contact at your school for Te Kura staff.

You should have a good working knowledge of qualifications, pathways and requirements, and be able to advise students on courses that will help them achieve their goals.

You must ensure that any student you register for enrolment with Te Kura is being enrolled at the appropriate curriculum level. To help you with this, you'll find information in our Choice course selection guide or through our online course search, and you can also speak with a Te Kura subject teacher, senior teacher or Relationship Coordinator before submitting the enrolment application.

Your school must ensure a suitable learning environment and adequate time are provided during the school day for students’ Te Kura study.

You should also ensure your students:
  • organise their work
  • meet deadlines and the minimum work return requirements to remain on the Te Kura roll
  • have access to the resources and equipment they need.

Our guide to online learning for students enrolled in NCEA Level 1 courses and the new online courses at curriculum levels 3 to 5 contains important information for schools with dual students, including the equipment required for online learning and how coordinators can support their students learning online. Detailed information about requirements for specific courses is included in Choice and through our online course search.

Is Te Kura the best option?

When determining whether Te Kura is the best option for your student, we suggest coordinators:

  • note the mode of delivery for each course and ensure, before registration, that the student has access to any technology necessary to enable them to complete the course
  • give information to students about how study with Te Kura works and how the course is delivered (e.g. fully online, digital delivery or booklet-based)
  • give students a pre-enrolment questionnaire, interview or pre–study contract
  • check prospective students’ homework records and discuss with previous teachers
  • consider whether the student is motivated and able to work independently while under supervision
  • match the student’s interests, capabilities, academic  and career goals with courses
  • discuss the requirements of Te Kura enrolment – particularly the requirement to return one piece of assessable work per calendar month per subject – with the student and their whanau, through family interviews, letters and information to home using the resources linked below and/or parent contracts
  • get parent or guardian consent for the dual enrolment.


Te Kura regional Relationship Coordinators

Your regional Relationship Coordinator will provide support and advice to help your students get the best out of their studies with Te Kura. Their contact details are below:

Northern Region
Chris Sanders
Email: chris.sanders@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: (09) 365 9802 or 0800 65 99 88 ext: 9709

Central North Region
In the interm please contact Regional Manager, Anil Singh
Email: anil.singh@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: 0800 65 99 88 ext: 8625

Central South Region
Charmaine Castle
Email: charmaine.castle@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: (04) 474 5015 or  0800 65 99 88 ext 8033 or 027 292 1519

Southern Region
Eileen Kerr  
Email: eileen.kerr@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: (03) 353 0595 or 027 591 7742


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NZQA website
Careers NZ website
Parent/guardian letter and consent template
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