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My Te Kura frequently asked questions


Accessing My Te Kura

Where can I log into My Te Kura?

Go to www.tekura.school.nz/login and click on the link Login to My Te Kura

How do school coordinators login to My Te Kura?

Your user name is your school's MoE identification number (e.g. 1234 or AE123). If you’ve logged into My Te Kura before you should use your existing password. If not, use the default password 12345678 the first time you login, then create your own unique password. Please contact your Relationship Coordinator if you need your MoE number. You'll find their contact details on the Getting started page.
Your My Te Kura login provides full access to all Te Kura course materials – both the interactive modules (e.g. the years 9 and 10 '000' courses), the NCEA online courses and pdf booklet files. It also provides access to your My Te Kura help area (00-Dual Schools). The My Te Kura login for coordinators gives you different access from that of students, in that students have access only to the courses that they are currently registered for along with the My Te KuraHUB course, which has useful tips and information for students.

To access your 00-Dual Schools course after logging into My Te Kura, click on the down arrow next to 'Select a course' in the top menu bar and click on 00-Dual Schools.

How do students access My Te Kura?

Students are sent their login information by email on registration of their enrolment, apart from those who were registered before January 2016, who will receive their login information in January or when the new interactive online modules become available on 1 February (depending on the course they are doing).

Each student’s user name and initial password will be their Te Kura student ID number, which will be included in the email with their login instructions. Students will be required to set a unique password when they first log in. Students who have already set an My Te Kura password in 2015 can continue to use that password in 2016.

My student hasn’t received their login instructions – what can we do?

If your student’s enrolment has been approved and they are listed on your Te Kura Enrolment System (TES) Registered Students screen, but they haven’t received an email with My Te Kura login instructions, they can log in by going to the login page on our website - www.tekura.school.nz/login. Each student’s user name and initial password will be their Te Kura student ID number. Students will be required to set a unique password when they first log in.

Coordinators and students can contact our Student and Whānau Service Hub at hub@tekura.school.nz or phone 0800 65 99 88 Ext 8712 during office hours if they have difficulties logging in. 

What if a student or coordinator forgets their password?

The “forgot password” button on the My Te Kura login page can be used to reset the password. An email will be sent to the address that was provided at the time of the student’s enrolment with a password reset link. The link is valid for 14 days.  

Course set-up in My Te Kura

Why do my students have to complete a diagnostic before getting started on their course when I already know which level they are at?

Some courses, including English and maths, have been designed this way so that Te Kura teachers can accurately assess each student’s current capabilities and provide access to appropriate learning resources based on the outcomes of the initial diagnostic assessment. This helps to ensure students are working at the appropriate level within the course and reduces delays caused by students being given work that is not at the appropriate level for them.  

Will students be required to access sites like YouTube as part of their online programme?

A number of our online modules require students to access external content, including files located on YouTube. Where possible these files have been embedded into the resource (rather than asking students to click on links to external sites). However, if your school IT department has blocked off access to YouTube, depending on how that has been done, it is likely your students will not be able to view these files.

Some of my students' courses use Google Docs - does this mean students need a gmail account?

Most of our interactive My Te Kura modules require students to use their own Google account and submit work for assessment into the course My Te Kura dropbox as a Google Docs file. There is more information about Google Docs in the My Te KuraHUB course and also in the My Te Kura coordinators’ course.

Why has Te Kura used Google Docs instead of other tools that don't require students to set up an account?

Google Docs enables Te Kura subject teachers to see students' work as it is progressing, and to assess and give feedback on that work online, prior to the student submitting the final work to the course dropbox for assessment. The assessment files are stored in each student’s digital journal/workbook, where they are able to be accessed by the subject teacher and the student.

Student email addresses

Why do we need to provide students' email addresses?

Email addresses for dual students are required on enrolment so students can be sent their login instructions and other emails from the My Te Kura as needed. It also means students can use the “forgot password” function if they forget their password. It is important to provide an email address which the student has frequent access to. Web-mail addresses such as Yahoo and Gmail are acceptable, but we ask that addresses using the ‘@tekuradesire2learn.com’ domain are not provided, because students using these email addresses won’t be able to access the “forgot password” function.

At the moment the enrolment application screens in TES ask for a student email address to be provided, although that field is not mandatory for primary dual enrolment applications. However, if you are registering a primary dual student in an online course please ensure you provide an email address so they can receive the My Te Kura login instructions.

How do school coordinators change their student's email address for My Te Kura?

If the student’s email address has changed since please submit the new address using the online change of email address form available on our website.

Coordinators wishing to update multiple student email addresses should submit the details to us in a spreadsheet showing each student’s name, ID number and the new email address and email the spreadsheet to enrolment@tekura.school.nz.

Postage and printing labels

Can student work be posted back to Te Kura for assessment if the student is doing an online course?

We strongly encourage schools to ensure students doing online courses are able to submit their work for assessment via the course dropbox. However, there will be a few instances where students are required to return their work in hard copy (for example, visual art). In these cases, or if the student/school submits a hard copy instead of uploading it to the course dropbox, school coordinators can download the dual student address card to use when returning the work. Note that Te Kura no long pays postage for work returned by dual students, regardless of which course the student is doing, so there is space on the address card for schools to add postage.

Labels with the student barcode can be printed from the TES - there is a video with instructions for doing this on our website. The labels don’t need to be printed on label paper, they can be printed on plain paper and stuck onto the address card or the front of an envelope. An updated address card file is available in My Te Kura and on the Resources page for schools to download and print if they wish to. The updated address card does not include the free post logo so postage must be added.

Please ensure each piece of work is clearly labelled with the student’s name and ID number, particularly if you are returning work from multiple students in the same envelope/posting bag.

How will labels with the dual student’s name and school address be generated?

When hard copy work is received from dual students, Te Kura teachers will print off labels with the student’s name and school address and include these when posting marked work back to the student. Additional labels can be requested from the teacher.

Will schools be sent supplies of plastic posting bags?

Yes, in certain circumstances. Students enrolled in special education courses or courses at curriculum level 2 will be sent plastic posting bags with their booklets. Some online courses will require students to work with specific resources provided by Te Kura, and these will also be sent to schools in plastic posting bags which may be re-used by schools to return hard copy work. Schools may re-use any available plastic posting bags for other students’ work if they choose.

Returning work

What are the options for returning student work?

Students enrolled in online courses (000 courses and NCEA level 1) should return work via the course dropbox folders in My Te Kura. NCEA level 2 and 3 courses also have dropbox folders which students can use, and we strongly recommend these are used wherever possible unless the course specifically requires work to be returned through the post.

Students using booklets downloaded from My Te Kura may use any PDF editing tool to annotate PDF booklets, which can then be uploaded to My Te Kura. Alternatively, students can scan the hardcopy and upload it as a pdf file, to the correct My Te Kura dropbox folder. When scanning work, set the scanner to low-resolution and, if possible, scan multiple pages at once so they are saved in one document. It's also important to save the scanned work as a PDF file. We recommend that students save a back-up copy of any files they upload to My Te Kura onto a local or portable drive.

If returning work through the post, you can download an address card from our website and student barcode labels can be created in the TES. As noted above, Te Kura no long pays postage for work returned by dual students, regardless of which course the student is doing, so there is space on the dual student address card for schools to add postage.

If in doubt about how work is returned for a specific course, refer to the individual course instructions on My Te Kura, or ask the subject teacher.

What are the benefits of returning work by My Te Kura dropbox?

Ensuring your students are able to return work through the each course’s online dropbox means feedback can be given quickly while the learning is still fresh in the student’s mind and minimises any delays caused by posting the work. Your school My Te Kura access provides your own record of all student My Te Kura activity and dropbox work submission, via your Audit Users screen.  Using the Audit Dropbox summary screen, you are also able to access subject teacher feedback given to that student via My Te Kura. Neither of these benefits are available if students submit work by email directly to the subject teacher.

There are pop-ups on free PDF editing tools like PDFescape - is there any way to avoid these?

‘Freemium’ products like PDFescape are only free because the software developer earns revenue from advertisements, so the only way to avoid these is by purchasing PDF editing software. 

How to access resources

What is the best way to print booklets and 'write-on' pages?

Booklets will not print correctly if printed from within the browser window. It is best to download the booklets first, save to the computer hard drive and then print. This also means the user can select the number of pages to be printed and check that the booklet is displaying correctly on screen before printing.

Issues may arise if the latest version of the internet browser and the latest version of Adobe Reader aren’t installed. We recommend the latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari are used to access My Te Kura.

Note that when a new browser version is released it does sometimes take us a little longer to resolve any browser-related issues. Refer to the 2016 Service Level Agreement Appendix 1, page 13 for details of essential and desirable, devices, software and IT equipment for students using My Te Kura.

How do students sign the authenticity statement if they’re working online?

For students using PDF booklets: Students and their supervisors can sign the authenticity statement on the Te Kura coversheet when mailing back work, sign their name using a PDF annotation tool like PDFescape or scan the coversheet with the authenticity statement and submit the work via the My Te Kura dropbox.

Students working at NCEA Level 1: When students begin an NCEA Level 1 course online the student and supervisor must sign an authentication declaration and upload the declaration to the Authentication dropbox. The declaration can be found under the Get started button on the course landing page. From then on, each time the student uploads work to an assessment dropbox they are confirming the work submitted is their own. They will be asked to enter the name of their supervisor and the relationship to the student in the comments box provided (if supervision is required).

Does Te Kura still send physical items?

Packs have been created for secondary dual students that contain some of the physical items which were traditionally been sent out with booklets. If these are first posting items they will be sent out automatically following enrolment. Information on any physical items that schools may be required to provide for students to complete the course will be included in the individual course information in My Te Kura. Wherever possible we will always try to provide alternatives. Please note we don’t send science boxes to dual schools.

Accessing video and audio files

If a student has difficulty with audio and video files – what can we do?

In the past there has been an issue affecting some web browsers but these are easily fixed by following the steps on the “issues with viewing video content” instructions on the “How to” button in My Te Kura. Instructions are also available on our website – www.tekura.school.nz.

How to track student progress on My Te Kura

How can school coordinators access student progress information?

Coordinators can view teacher feedback through the Audit function within My Te Kura for any work placed in the My Te Kura dropbox folders. Assessed work will usually be placed back into the relevant dropbox folder for the student to view, download and save. If work is emailed back to students by Te Kura teachers, they have been asked to copy their email to the school coordinator and when work is posted back it can be opened by coordinators who can view the teacher’s notes. Read our guide for coordinators on the Audit function.

How can I find out the name of the Te Kura course teacher?

The name, email address and extension number of the Te Kura teacher is listed on the ‘Registered Students’ screen on TES. Teacher contact details can also be viewed by clicking on the student number of a student listed on the 'Registered Students' screen. Click on the teacher’s name to open their contact details. 

Fee-paying students

Do fee-paying/international students who attend face-to-face schools need to access their NCEA level 2 and 3 course materials online?

Yes – fee-paying dual students are treated the same as other dual students. These students will be sent instructions to log into My Te Kura to access course materials and will have the same options for returning work as other dual students.

Other queries?

Password resets can be done automatically by clicking on the “forgot password” link on the My Te Kura login page.

For navigation and functionality queries first go to the homepage in My Te Kura to use the ‘How to’ guide information and to view the help videos.

For technical issues or problems logging in, email the Student and Whānau Service Hub at hub@tekura.school.nz or phone 0800 65 99 88 Ext 8712 between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

The 00-Dual Schools and My Te KuraHUB courses have lots of useful tips and information.