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Online learning

The following courses will be available as interactive online courses in 2017:

  • Courses at curriculum levels 3−5 (including languages)
  • NCEA Level 1
  • NCEA Level 2 (these courses will be a mix of interactive online modules and PDF booklets).


NCEA Level 2

As we did with NCEA Level 1 in 2016, booklets which are still to be adapted for online delivery will be available as PDFs. As the interactive online modules are added to the OTLE, the corresponding PDF file will be removed.

Required equipment

Your student/s will need access to a computer and the internet in order to study with us. Find out what equipment we recommend.


Personalised approach

Te Kura’s Online Teaching and Learning Environment (OTLE) is designed to provide a learning experience that is personalised and responsive to each individual student. At the start of many courses students complete a diagnostic that enables their Te Kura teacher to determine the level the student is working at and choose the most appropriate modules for them to focus on.


Releasing modules

In some of our courses, teachers release modules to the students as they go.  Typically, once a student has submitted an item for assessment through the OTLE dropbox, their teacher releases the next module for the student to work through.


Sending work by post

There will be some occasions when sending work back through the post will be the preferred method. This will be indicated as part of the course information in OTLE.

Special Education (SE) subject resources are delivered in print by post. Completed work may be scanned and emailed direct to the SE subject teacher, or returned by post.

Please note that Te Kura no longer pays postage costs for work returned by dual students.



Address card to return work for assessment

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