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Qualifications information

The Dual Provider Partnership Agreement we have with your school outlines your responsibilities for entering "secondary dual" students for NCEA and for reporting NCEA achieved standards to NZQA under our provider code (498). It is important for Principals, Principal’s Nominees and Coordinators of Te Kura dual-enrolled students to have copies of this document and be thoroughly familiar with its contents.

Our document Principal's Nominee Handbook 2017 is a handy reference guide to Te Kura for Principal's Nominees.

The list of achievement and unit standards we offer identifies all standards that could possibly be assessed for each course: 2017 standards list

Important information for schools - 2017 NZQA entries and results



Internal assessment

  • If you are required to enter indicative internally assessed entries, please note many students may not be assessed for all standards within a course, or they may be offered additional standards
  • Results for internally assessed standards are only available through TES (Te Kura Enrolment System for schools). You can access TES through our log-in page.
  • These internally assessed results must then be entered on your school management system and submitted to NZQA, with the correct version number and using our provider code, 498.

External assessment

  • You will need to enter the appropriate externally assessed standards onto your management system.
  • The Te Kura Coordinator in your school should help students identify which externally assessed standards they wish to enter and encourage them to discuss the selection with their Te Kura subject teacher.
  • Your Principal’s Nominee must be informed about the selection of externals so entries can be made at the appropriate time.
  • All entries for external assessments must be submitted to NZQA with our provider code, 498.

Applications to sit end of year exams

Refer to our written instructions for processing requests from Te Kura students to sit their end of year exams at your school. 

MCAT Forms

Dual Student MCAT Paper Request 

Dual MCAT Student Special Centre Supervisor Application

More Information

For further information about NCEA assessment, please contact either:

Qualifications Leader, Diana Young
on (04) 473 6841 extn 8354 or email diana.young@tekura.school.nz

Senior Qualifications Advisor, Jennifer Hardiman on
(04) 473 6841 extn 8127 or email jennifer.hardiman@tekura.school.nz