Te Kura

Returning work

Dual students are required to return or submit at least one piece of assessable work per month in each of their courses.

Te Kura has an automated, computerised process in place which runs a check to of work returned or submitted in each registered course, from each student. This process runs monthly from 31 March through until November (although for dual students September is effectively the last month). You will receive a reminder to check TES each month to see whether any of your students have been identified as a 'non returner'. If a student does not return work over a two month period the student is automatically withdrawn and is not allowed to be registered in the same course for the remainder of the year.

As Coordinator, it is your role to:

  • Oversee staff and processes to ensure students keep up with their course work and return a minimum of one item of assessable work each month, or contact Te Kura subject teachers as necessary.
  • Contact the student’s subject teacher urgently if a student has not received course work or if there is a delay in receiving marked work.
  • Regularly check the ‘Non Returners’ screen on TES and follow-up with the student and relevant Te Kura teacher (if necessary) to ensure assessable work is returned prior to the two month deadline.
  • Email your Relationship Coordinator re any errors in the list of students or dates of last work received and dispatched, including all relevant student details.
  • Email your Relationship Coordinator during the first week of the month, to request any over rides of the one month non returner status, providing a reason. 
  • If a student’s subject has been cancelled by the automatic 2 month non returner process and there are special circumstances to explain the delay in work return, immediately send all relevant information to your Relationship Coordinator and request reinstatement to the subject. Reinstatement requests can only be approved by the Enrolment Manager of Te Kura if received and actioned within 30 days of the non returner cancellation date.
We also recommend that you:
  • Send out a blanket email to all Year 9 to 13 students in the third week of each month, reminding them of the requirement to return one piece of work per subject in the following month.
  • During week 3 of each month, check TES to ensure that all listed students have returned one piece of work for the listed  subject, by the end of week 3 of the month.
  • Copy and paste the ‘Non Returner’ screen lines into an email when communicating with your Relationship Coordinator or Te Kura subject teacher about students with Non Returner status. That will give them the information needed to quickly check Student Management System records for the student.