Te Kura

Supporting students' learning

The coordinator role

A Te Kura coordinator is the person responsible for managing students who are dual enrolled with Te Kura.

As coordinator you are pivotal to the success of your dual enrolled students by ensuring that:

  • they are enrolled in the appropriate courses
  • they organise their work
  • good standards are set and deadlines met
  • they have sufficient access to computers to be able to work online and/or have printed materials as required.

The Coordinator role and the tasks involved will depend on the arrangements and supervision that your school/centre has in place, but generally they will include the following activities.

  • Ensure students know that you are the school’s Te Kura Coordinator and have your contact details.
  • Coordinate any troubleshooting or intervention needed, to ensure that each student is monitored and their progress is regularly reviewed.
  • At the beginning of term 1, or as soon as possible after registrations are confirmed on your TES screen, provide students with their Te Kura teachers’ contact details and ensure that each student ‘touches base’ with their Te Kura teacher.NB: contact details for subject teachers are shown on the TES ’Registered Students’ screen (refer to the TES User Guide, part 3). Students are often very shy about doing this and need encouragement. One way for to achieve this during the first week of term 1 is to arrange a relief teacher for the first week, book computer access and arrange for each student to leave their regular class for a short period whilst they write and send the email to their Te Kura subject teacher.
  • Facilitate ongoing access to Te Kura subject teachers via phone, email, fax and online communication if required (e.g. Skype and Adobe Connect).
  • Maintain an overview of all student support and supervision and keep in touch with supervisors, teachers and teacher aides – so that students organise their work, maintain good standards and meet deadlines.
  • Get in touch with Te Kura teachers as soon as possible after a student’s registration is confirmed on your TES ‘Registered Students’ screen. Ensure they have any information relevant to the students’ Te Kura course/programme (e.g. relevant prior learning).
  • Organise subject mentors (staff or students) if possible.
  • Ensure that all students and supervisors are aware of any equipment that the student requires for course work that is not provided by Te Kura, e.g. computer equipment, science or art materials. Help to arrange for the supply of those resources.

Recommended supervisor support tasks

Support students in their use of Te Kura’s Online Teaching and Learning Environment (OTLE) by checking that their OTLE login is working, they have successfully logged in and that the Student and Whānau Service Hub is used if needed.

Ensure that students have firmed up with their Te Kura subject teachers which NCEA standards they are doing, which credits will be from internals/externals etc.

Ensure that students are using the NCEA assessment task material sent to them by their Te Kura subject teacher, or the latest version available for download from OTLE.  NB: NCEA assessment tasks are often amended.  If a student completes and returns an out-of-date task it cannot be assessed because it is not valid.

Meet regularly with students to check their progress and email updates or concerns to parents.

Put students on a group internal email or send texts for quick communication.

Encourage students to submit each assessment task as soon as they have finished it. NB:  all students should aim for completion of one piece of assessable work in each subject every 2-3 weeks.

Check the student has completed any self-marked exercises before returning their booklets.

Use the ‘Cancel Subject’ or ‘Cancel Enrolment’ screens in TES  if everyone agrees the student is not coping, or no longer wishes to continue, or needs some time out (they may be re-enrolled, via TES).


Liaison with Te Kura

Coordinators are also the main contact for Te Kura teachers at each school/provider. Your regional Relationship Cooordinator is your Te Kura support person and a useful person to keep in touch with, to answer questions and to assist with any difficulties. Their contact details are below.

Chris Sanders - Northern Region
Email: chris.sanders@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: (09) 3659802 ext 9709
To be advised – Central North Region
In the interm please contact Regional Manager, Anil Singh
Email: anil.singh@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: 0800 65 99 88 ext: 8625

Charmaine Castle – Central South Region
Email: charmaine.castle@tekura.school.nz
Telephone: (04) 474 5015 or 0800 65 99 88 ext 8033
Mobile: 027 292 1519

Eileen Kerr – Southern Region
Email: eileen.kerr@tekura.school.nz
DDI (03) 353 0595
Mobile: 027 591 7742