Te Kura

Te Kura Enrolment System (TES)

When registering students for dual tuition with Te Kura

Ensure students are eligible to study with Te Kura. Refer to the current Ministry of Education enrolment policy for Te Kura, accessible through the main Dual tuition page.

Contact Enrolment Services at enrolment@tekura.school.nz or 0800 65 99 88 extension 5044, or your region’s Relationship Coordinator for information/questions about dual enrolment entry criteria or a dual student’s registration.

Login to the  Te Kura Enrolment System through our Login page.

Use the latest TES user guides and videos (below) as a resource to make full use the online information and tools available to you, e.g. to learn how to see the progress of applications, check registration and subject details, view subject teacher contact details, make student or subject cancellations and to update your contact details.

Ensure the student data entered on the application screens matches that in the Ministry of Education ENROL database.

Provide up-to-date information about students with your enrolment applications, so that Te Kura teachers understand their ability, literacy, numeracy and curriculum levels.

Wherever possible, provide a school or personal email address for each Year 9 to 13 student enrolled (refer to the current Dual Provider Partnership Agreement).

If an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is required under the MoE enrolment policy criteria, provide one that is less than six months old, along with the enrolment application for the student. To avoid delays submit the IEP online as you complete submitting the applications for enrolment gateways that require them.

Attach IEPs for secondary age SE students also, if one is available.

NB: all dual students are automatically withdrawn at the end of each academic year. Continuing students will need to be re-enrolled for the following year.

Pre-enrol students in November/December for the following year if possible. This will ensure that students are fully registered for the start of term 1 and will have access to their My Te Kura login details.


Enhancements to TES

Te Kura has automated the enrolment process for secondary dual students, reducing the time it takes to enrol eligible students and enabling them to get started on their Te Kura course much faster.

Schools will notice only minor changes to the registering students functionality within the Te Kura Enrolment System (TES). Updated training material will be provided shortly. In the meantime, refer to the resource materials below for an overview of the changes, quick guide and information on adding subjects.



Secondary dual automation - changes to TES

Secondary dual automation - quick guide

Add a subject


Te Kura Enrolment System (TES) user guides

Note, these guides will be updated shortly to reflect the changes brought by the automation of secondary dual enrolments.

Part 1: How to access the TES (updated for 2015)

Part 2A: How to apply to enrol secondary dual students

Part 2B: How to apply to enrol students in years 1-8 

Part 3: How to check the status and registration of a student

Part 4: How to cancel enrolments, subjects, or applications

Part 5: How to view Non Returners

Part 6: How to view and change your provider contact details


Video guides to TES

How to check your list of registered students

How to check student application status

How to check for non-returners

How to check student results

How to manage cancellations

How to print student labels

Overview of secondary dual automation changes