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Getting started

Getting started

If you're new to Te Kura, we recommend you get started by reading the relevant Getting started information sheet and student information guide from the links below. Students in years 11 to 13 should also read our Guide to national certificates.

Years 1 to 6: Student information guide

Years 7 to 10 Student information guide

Years 11 to 13 Student information guide

Childhood immunisation - information for families of babies and young children

Guide to national certificates

Real life learning - a brochure about authentic learning at Te Kura

Information on Vocational Pathways

If you're the supervisor of a full-time student, you might be eligible for our student support payment. Check the Student support payment page on our website and, if you're eligible, fill in our bank account details form.


What you'll need

Depending on what you’re studying with us, we provide a range of teaching and support materials. These might be delivered online through our online learning environment (My Te Kura), or we might send printed booklets, workbooks, readers, audio resources, CDs and DVDs, an MP3 recorder, interactive CD-ROMs, textbooks, mathematics and science boxes, art packs, and craft materials for technology through the post. If you are enrolled in an online course, you'll require access to a computer and the internet. If you're not sure whether your course is online or booklet-based, you'll find that information by going to What you can study or using our course search function to search for your course. Our online learning guide has everything you need to know about learning online. 

If you’re a special education student you may also receive puzzles, games or activities.

You’ll need to provide your own supplies of notebooks, paper, pens, pencils etc.

You might have to supply your own materials or equipment for some courses. You'll find details of any materials you will need on the course page (go to What you can study or use our course search function to search for your course) or ask your learning advisor or teacher about what you’ll need.

Student ID cards

Full-time secondary, young adult and adult students can apply for a student ID card. PlastiCard provides student ID cards for students in all areas except Christchurch. You must apply and pay for your card online. Christchurch students should download the application form below and submit the form with their payment to the address specified on the form. Adults over 20 years of age in Christchurch need to apply using the online Plasticard option.

PlastiCard online application - for full-time secondary and adult students. Please note photos need to be a minimum size of 400 pixels x 520 pixels.

Student ID card application form - for full-time secondary and young adult students in Christchurch 

Other downloadable items

Application form to join The Correspondence School Parents' and Supervisors' Association of Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu