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NCEA registration

2017 NCEA registration and payment

NCEA students are required submit an NCEA registration online.  This is how you’ll pay this year’s NCEA fee, as well as let us know if you also wish to register for any externally assessed standards. 

Start your NCEA registration and payment here

NCEA fee

The NCEA fee is payment for credits and must be made in the year your credits are gained to avoid an additional late payment fee.  Please be aware:

  • Your NCEA payment is not an end of year exam fee. 
  • This fee is collected on behalf of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).
  • If you are an adult student – this fee is in addition to any administration fee you have paid to Te Kura. 
  • If you are a young adult student – your Te Kura enrolment is free but you must still pay for your credits.

End of year exam students

If you also wish to sit end of year exams in November/December, you’ll need permission from a secondary school that confirms you can sit all your exams there.  The online instructions will provide you with details on how to obtain this permission.

What if I study at a face-to-face school too?

If you study with us but are also a student at a face-to-face secondary school, your NCEA registration and payment will be managed by your own school. 

Frequently asked questions

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  3. How much do I need to pay?
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  6. What are externally assessed standards?
  7. How do I register for externally assessed standards?
  8. Where do I sit end of year exams?
  9. What are Special Assessment Conditions?
  10. What if I am a junior student in Year 10 or below?
  11. What if I am applying for the mid year intake to university or other tertiary provider?
  12. What does course endorsement mean?
  13. Where can I see my results?

Need help? 

Many of your questions will be covered in our FAQIf you’re not sure what to do, please contact us.

Freephone (NZ only) 0800 65 99 88, select option 3
Overseas 64 4 473 6841, select option 3
Email ncea.payment@tekura.school.nz