Quantum leap for Whangarei event day

Whangarei Te Ara Hou students recently experienced ‘the future’ when their event day transported them into a world of sustainable cities, inventions and futuristic dance.

Led by Taua Amosa, Sara Quirk, Linley Porter, Judy Mitchell, Suzette Smith and Janey Nolan and attended by 26 students, the day began with a short PowerPoint presentation that sketched a scenario where students had to develop a city after theirs was destroyed. Students were placed in groups and enjoyed interacting with each other. The activity was a huge success with students producing cities that included many sustainable elements.

After a morning tea of homemade muffins, cakes and slices (courtesy of Linley Porter), students were asked to create a fantasy fabrication of the future using clay, skewers, paper and corks.

Finally Suzette Smith demonstrated dances from different countries, including Spain, Brazil, Africa and New Zealand before the students created their own rap and dance for the future with a sustainability theme.

Parents and students rated the day as excellent and commented that it is good to make friends, catch up with old friends and renew relationships.