Te Kura

Te Kura students tackle OPC challenges

15 June 2011

On Monday 9 May 18 Te Kura students from around the North Island arrived at Tongariro National Park in the Bay of Plenty for three days of team and individual challenges at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre (OPC).
Learning advisor Mike King accompanied the students, who share some impressions and thoughts on their experiences below.

Hannah Aldersley
My four days at OPC was an amazing experience. I learnt how to trust my team mates with my life since I took part in activities where they were preventing me from plummeting from high ropes and rock climbing walls.
Every day we would get involved in tasks that scared me and other members of the team in different ways. At the beginning of the week some were having difficulty ignoring their fear of heights to climb a three metre wall but by the end of the week they thought little of abseiling down a 50 metre cliff. Seeing myself and others confront their fears and overcome them in such a short space of time was one of the most rewarding experiences I had at OPC.

Jessica Roy
OPC 2011 was an awesome experience with amazing team members, instructors and teachers and challenging activities. Throughout the whole week our instructor gave us lots of team challenges. A lot of them really tested how much you trusted the eight other people in your team who you’d only met on the Monday.

Cam Noble
OPC camp was amazing! It was really cool to meet new people and make some really good friends. The most rewarding part of the camp was getting to the top of a mountain. What made it harder was carrying my huge pack and Andrew’s one too. It wasn’t very fun at the start when his bag was dripping with sweat.
Walking through the pitch black cave without torches knowing we needed to pass thousands of wetas to get out was the most challenging.

Jesse-Lee Allerby
My time at OPC was a good insight into myself. The experience has made me think more about leadership, teamwork and trust. Trusting others was a very challenging part because I am a do it myself kind of guy.