Timatanga - Activity 3

Activity 3

My Place

Create a "postcard" about the area where you live. Think about what makes it a special place before you begin.

To help you get started, you could brainstorm your ideas on a sketch or diagram.
For example, you could use these ideas:

Houses on the hills, marae , wharves and ships, your whanau parks, the beach, the layout of the land, your dog, well known local people.

Do this task as one of the following:

  • A brief Powerpoint
  • A brief video
  • A piece of writing describing where you live, include photos, drawings, newspaper cutouts
  • A little booklet
  • A card
  • A collection of images and photos (on the computer or on paper).

Make sure your name and ID is on your work.
If your "postcard" is a computer file name it: timatanga_activity3_yourname

Email or post this activity back to TCS when all tasks are completed.