Timatanga - Activity 7

Activity 7

How do I learn best?

People learn in different ways:

1. Visual learners (learn through seeing).

They might like to:

  • watch their teacher do a demonstration
  • see diagrams, pictures, watch DVD’s etc
  • take notes or draw diagrams & charts when listening.

2. Auditory learners (learn through listening)

They might like to:

  • discuss things, talk things through and listen
  • have things read aloud to them.

3. Kinesthetic learners (learn through doing things and touching them).

They might like to:

  • take a hands-on approach
  • be actively doing things
  • construct things and take them apart.

To find out more about your learning style go to this website or click on the links below to do the test.

Scroll down the menu bar on the left of the screen and do Learning StylesTest 1 and Learning Styles Test 2 under Abiator's Learning Styles Assessment.

Your teachers will be interested to see the results of this test. Save the results of your test to send to your teacher.

It will help them to see the kind of activities that you might do well at.

If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer click here to download the form you need for this activity. Fill it out as shown in the diagram below, then save it to your computer and name it: timatanga_activity7_yourname.doc.

Email or post this activity back to TCS when all tasks are completed.

If you don't have Microsoft word click here to download the pdf version print it and fill it out then post back to TCS.

Activity 7 - Diagram 3