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Authentic learning

Real life, authentic learning at Te Kura

Are you looking for learning that focuses on your passions, interests and goals for life beyond school?

If you’re a student in years 11 to 13 or a young adult, you can talk to your Te Kura learning advisor about working alongside adults in your community with similar interests, and have a learning plan unique to you, developed to support your interests and goals. We call this ‘authentic learning’.

With authentic learning you’ll have the chance to work towards an internship, and build knowledge and skills in an area that interests you, as well as work towards a relevant qualification.

Real life learning experiences, for example through job shadowing, learning to an internship or Gateway placement, will be a key part of your learning plan. Learning this way will help you gain the knowledge and skills to go on to further study or to a job in your area of interest.

Your Te Kura learning advisor will help you to identify your interests and any opportunities in your community where you could take up an internship or Gateway placement. These could be in a local business, voluntary or community organisation, sports club or marae. You’ll be supported in your learning by your Te Kura learning advisor, a workplace mentor, as well as your supervisor and whanau.

If you’re interested in having an authentic learning programme or just want more information, download a brochure or talk with your Te Kura learning advisor to see if authentic learning is right for you.

Authentic learning student brochure [PDF 2MB]

Authentic learning toolbox

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