Te Kura

Dual-enrolled students

Information for parents of dual-enrolled students

Te Kura works in partnership with schools to provide learning programmes to dual-enrolled students (students who are enrolled in a face to face school but also study one or more courses with Te Kura).

Our Dual Provider Partnership Agreement sets out the responsibilities of Te Kura and the enrolling school. We encourage you to read through the agreement so you and your student know what you can expect from us and from your school. You should already have received a letter and/or questionnaire from your student’s school seeking your agreement to register your student with Te Kura.

Te Kura programmes are provided free to New Zealand dual students, but students must return work every three to four weeks. If your student hasn’t returned work for four or more weeks, we will notify the person at your school who coordinates enrolments with Te Kura. If work hasn’t been returned over a two-month period, we will notify the coordinator that the student will be withdrawn from our roll.

Course materials provided as part of our programmes might be in printed (booklet) form, on CD, DVD, online through our website or online learning environment (My Te Kura), or a combination of these. If your student is enrolled in a course that is provided either fully or partially on CD or online, the enrolling school is responsible for ensuring your student has appropriate access to the equipment required, This could include a computer with Broadband Internet, printer, CD and/or DVD player, and software such as Skype and Adobe Connect for communicating with Te Kura teachers online. Language students require access to hardware and software to make audio recordings and send them to their teacher. 

Te Kura teachers provide regular, relevant feedback to dual students on their work. We encourage students to contact their Te Kura teacher with any questions, by phone, email, or online. At mid-year and the end of the year we provide schools with a list of their students’ achievement in Te Kura courses, which the enrolling school can use when writing student reports.

If you have any concerns about your student’s Te Kura course, we recommend that you discuss them with your school’s Te Kura school coordinator, in the first instance. To discuss any concerns relating specifically to Te Kura, you can also call us on 0800 65 99 88 and ask to speak with the Regional Manager for your area (simply let the receptionist know which town or city you live in). Formal complaints should be made in writing to the Chief Executive, Private Bag 39992, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045.