What is cybersafety?

Cybersafety is the safe and responsible use of digital tools and gadgets that can access the Internet. These include mobile-phones, digital cameras and webcams. Each day, New Zealand children are exposed to the benefits, and potential risks of cyberspace.

Young children may be skilled in the use of digital tools but they may not know how to use the Internet safely and responsibly.

Everyone has the right to be safe. Adults share a special responsibility for the safety of children in this space.

What is cybercitizenship?

Anyone who goes online is a citizen of cyberspace. Young people learn to find their way round cyberspace in many ways. But they must also learn the basics of good behaviour as cybercitizens.

Cybercitizenship is more than just knowing how to get on to the Internet. People need skills to think about things found there, as well as knowing how to look after personal data. They must learn to think of others and act in a responsible way to other cybercitizens.

Learners need to know how to deal with things that might be risky. Young people are more able to get the best from the digital equipment when they follow the rules of cybercitizenship.

Remember…A learner who may seem to know how to use the Internet may not have all the know-how to be cybersafe.

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