Help your student learn

Talking with your student about their learning will help them to understand and remember it.

You can help your student learn by:

  • asking questions to stimulate their thinking and questions
  • marking your student’s work, using the answer guides and discussing it with them each day
  • giving plenty of immediate feedback and praise
  • contacting the learning advisor or teacher if you have any questions, and encourage your student to do the same
  • talking about teachers’ comments and suggestions with your student
  • talking about what your student has learnt each day
  • helping with science/technology experiments
  • suggesting they take a break, do some exercise or have a drink of water when they finish a task
  • encouraging them to access online study tools like Studyit or get study help for specific subjects.

We send practice exams to students who are entered for NCEA qualifications in term 3. Answering the questions in the practice exams will help your student and your teacher know which topics in the course need revision or further explanation before external exams in November and December.