Te Kura

Getting started

Here are some ways you can help your student get started with their learning.

  • Set up a comfortable, tidy workspace
  • Set daily and weekly goals
  • Encourage them to fill out a weekly timetable and follow it
  • Celebrate their effort and achievement. 

Find out more about establishing routines and how you can help your student learn.

Your student’s teacher or learning advisor will work with you and your student to develop a learning programme based on your student’s interests and abilities. Your student will receive letters, emails or phone calls from their teacher or learning advisor with feedback on their school work. They might also be in touch using Skype, particularly if you are overseas.

Teachers and learning advisors appreciate hearing from students and supervisors too, and you should contact them if:

  • your student is running out of work or the work doesn’t arrive on time
  • your student receives the wrong booklets or something is missing
  • the school work is too easy or too difficult
  • medical or family circumstances are affecting your student’s schoolwork
  • your student is having any problems with the schoolwork
  • your student is having difficulties with online access
  • your student’s home address, phone number, fax or email address has changed. 

You can contact your student’s learning advisor or teacher by email, telephone, post or fax. See contact us for information on getting in touch with us.

If you don’t know the name of your student’s learning advisor or teacher, email us at info@tekura.school.nz or ring 0800 65 99 88 and give your student’s name and ID number.