Te Kura

Returning work

If you live in New Zealand you can send your student’s school work back to us for free by using the bags supplied. You may also be able to email your student’s work – ask your teacher or learning advisor about using email to return work.

You should send in school work as soon as it’s finished, at least every two weeks.

  • Check that your student has completed all the work required, including the self-assessments at the back of booklets.
  • Make sure your student’s name and ID number are on the booklet’s back cover sheet – you can write it in by hand if you have run out of labels.
  • If the booklet has spaces for your student to write the answers, return the whole booklet.
  • Some booklets ask students to use their own paper – this is usually stated at the front of the booklet. Your student should number the pages, remove the back cover sheet from the booklet, and attach the cover sheet to the pages with a staple or paper clip. Your student can keep the booklet for revision.
  • Everything being returned, including any audio recordings on CD, goes into one of the supplied posting bags.
  • Check that the school address on the address card is visible through the bag.
  • Seal the bag with sticky tape and post it. No postage is needed if you are sending it within New Zealand. If you’re overseas, make sure you use an overseas address card.

NCEA students

Check the cover sheet to see if an authentication statement needs to be signed for standards assessment tasks.

Returning work by email

Your student can send course work to their teachers as email attachments.

  • Use a word processing programme such as Word 2003 or 2007 for written work. Remember to include your student’s name and surname in the file name, along with the booklet number.
  • Use the free download handybits to record oral language, music or voice messages.
  • Use a scanner, digital camera or webcam to send photos of mathmatics workings, artwork or projects.

The standard email address for teachers is: firstname.surname@tekura.school.nz

After your student’s work is marked and returned

  • Read carefully through the marked work, paying attention to any comments and suggestions from the learning advisor or teacher.
  • Discuss any comments or suggestions with the learning advisor or teacher by letter, phone or email if you wish.
  • If your student is asked to make any corrections, make sure they do them and send the work back before going on to the next piece of work. This is particularly important for NCEA assessments.

Mail tips for overseas students 

  • Don’t send any seeds, leaves or food to New Zealand through the mail. This is illegal.
  • Return your completed work by airmail or email. Remember to include your student’s first name and second name in the file name, along with the booklet number.
  • To reduce postage costs, send in only the work your student’s teacher has requested for assessment. Booklets do not need to be returned.
  • Return resource books with student work. 
  • Always include your student’s ID number and the topic code.
  • Your student’s teacher will return marked work by airmail.