Te Kura

Supervisor access to My Te Kura

Supervisors of full-time and fee-paying students enrolled in our online courses can access our online learning environment (My Te Kura) in their own right.

As supervisors, access to My Te Kura enables you to see what your student is required to do as part of their course. You can view the course content to monitor your student’s work return by viewing the My Te Kura dropbox for each course your student is enrolled in. Please note, you will not be able to submit items to the dropbox or open items to view.

To get access to My Te Kura, you need to log in with a user name and password which you can request from Te Kura by emailing hub@tekura.school.nz. Please include your full name and the ID number of your student. If you have more than one student enrolled with Te Kura, you only need to provide the ID number for one of your students.  

Access to My Te Kura is just one tool supervisors should be using to support student’s learning. It is still important that you take an active role in your student’s learning, particularly for younger students. This means making sure you have a look at the online course to see what your student is required to do, ensure they have suitable access to a computer with internet to complete the online components of their course and that your student submits their online work within the deadline set by the teacher or learning advisor.

You can get started in My Te Kura by having a look at the Introduction to My Te Kura course (called My Te KuraHUB). This course includes information and resources specifically developed for students and their supervisors working in My Te Kura, with topics such as:

  • basic My Te Kura navigation
  • personalising your profile
  • accessing course content.

You can also have a look at a sample of our new online courses