Recruitment process

At Te Kura, we are committed to attracting the very best people to help us deliver top-quality teaching and support services. All appointments are made on merit, with preference given to the person best suited to the position.

We have the flexibility to choose our work task priority; how we organise our time and our processes.

Liz, Te Kura teacher

I hear some of my face-to-face colleagues say that they would miss the face-to-face interaction if they were to work here at Te Kura, but I would assure them that there are always opportunities here for anyone who wants to work with our students in person. I am very fortunate to be the Numeracy teacher for Te Kura and this means that I can get out in the community and visit students. That little bit of face-to-face teaching is enough for me to not miss the classroom.

Liz, Te Kura teacher

Having the ability to work closely with a student and at their pace is a huge luxury compared to being in a face-to-face school with 30 students. You can actually teach, mentor and encourage one student at a time and see the enormous growth of the student in all aspects of their wellbeing.

Jasen, Te Kura teacher