What to expect


As the role of teacher changes from one of a knowledge provider to one of facilitating learning, this is an exciting time to be working in education. At Te Kura our teachers (kaiako) are required to work with digital technology on a daily basis.

Online learning

Most of our courses are delivered online, and we aim to have all of our students in Years 7 to 13 learning online by 2018. Our teachers are expected to work with large numbers of students and will not just be a subject specialist.

Working with technology

Our teachers are expected to be comfortable working with technology. This includes working with a student management system, our online learning environment (My Te Kura), Microsoft suite, Google Classroom and other Google apps and more. Learning and adapting to new technology is continuous for Te Kura staff.

Meeting students and their whānau

You will have opportunities to meet your students face-to-face throughout the year at advisories or regional event days. You will also be expected to be in regular communication with your students online, on the phone or via email.

Specialist and support staff

Specialist and support staff can expect opportunities to practise their expertise. This includes finance, human resources, IT, web development, graphic design, communications and policy advice. When you join Te Kura, you will be inducted and trained in using the systems and technology that you will be working with.

Our specialist and support staff work with teachers and other specialist teams across the school.

All staff

Regardless of location, Te Kura is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all our staff. We value diversity and individuality and welcome applications from people of all cultures.


At Te Kura, we are committed to attracting the very best people to help us deliver top-quality teaching and support services. All appointments are made on merit, with preference given to the person best suited to the position.

We have the flexibility to choose our work task priority; how we organise our time and our processes.

Liz, Te Kura teacher

I hear some of my face-to-face colleagues say that they would miss the face-to-face interaction if they were to work here at Te Kura, but I would assure them that there are always opportunities here for anyone who wants to work with our students in person. I am very fortunate to be the Numeracy teacher for Te Kura and this means that I can get out in the community and visit students. That little bit of face-to-face teaching is enough for me to not miss the classroom.

Liz, Te Kura teacher

Having the ability to work closely with a student and at their pace is a huge luxury compared to being in a face-to-face school with 30 students. You can actually teach, mentor and encourage one student at a time and see the enormous growth of the student in all aspects of their wellbeing.

Jasen, Te Kura teacher