Early Childhood Education

Below are some of the questions supervisors often ask. If you have any further questions please contact us.

How do I return a posting?

Please seal any returnable items in the plastic bag before placing in the canvas bag. Turn the address card over so that the Te Kura return address is visible in the window of the canvas bag.

What happens if we lose or damage any returnable learning material?

We understand that items occasionally will get damaged or lost. Please return all items you have in the usual manner, including those which have been damaged or are missing pieces. A donation towards the replacement cost of these items would be appreciated. The Te Kura library may invoice you separately for any lost or damaged books.

How can I contact my child’s teacher?

Feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any queries or comments you wish to make about their programme of learning. The Te Kura freephone number is 0800 65 99 88. If you know the extension number for the teacher, you will then be able to direct dial. If you know the teacher’s name, but not the extension number, the reception staff will be able to put you through.

If you are unsure of the teacher’s name ask the reception staff to put you through to the Early Childhood service where any one of the staff will be able to help you. Sending an email to your child’s teacher can be an effective way to communicate. You can reach them using the format firstname.surname@tekura.school.nz

Will I be able to meet our child’s teacher?

Teachers run events in the regions. Our event schedule is determined by a number of factors. Each year we try to get to different areas to enable families who haven't been able to attend an event to do so. We also try to ensure teachers with students in a given area are able to attend. Because we have a limited budget for events, we try to hold these in areas where we have groups of students. If you and your child are in Wellington, you are most welcome to meet your teacher here.