Do your courses qualify for student loans?


Are there any extra fees for full-time students living overseas?


Can I enrol as a fee-paying student and split the payment of my fees?

You must pay the full year’s fee at the time of enrolment unless enrolling after 30 June, when a half-year fee applies.

I’ve enrolled as a fee-paying student. If I withdraw, can I get a refund?

Eighty percent of the course fees paid by a fee-paying student will be refunded provided the withdrawal application is received before the expiry date, which is one month after the enrolment has been completed. Refunds for any withdrawal applications received outside of this one-month period will be at the discretion of the Enrolment Services Manager and may only be considered where exceptional circumstances are demonstrated. Refunds will not be made for any materials (including items of equipment) returned to Te Kura.

If I do not finish my course this year, can I continue it next year? Will I have to pay more?

If you do not finish your course and want to complete it the following year, you will need to re-enrol and pay another full-year fee.

I applied for assistance from Work and Income. Have my course fees been paid?

Contact us with your ID number to find out whether Work and Income has paid for your enrolment.