Appointing a school coordinator

A school coordinator is the support person at your school who is responsible for registering students in Te Kura courses and ensuring they are supported in their studies. They are also the main contact for Te Kura subject teachers, Te Kura Enrolment Services staff and each Te Kura regional relationship coordinator.

When enrolling schools appoint a coordinator and provide contact details to Te Kura, the coordinator is provided with a password-protected log on to the Te Kura Enrolment System (TES) and to the school log on for My Te Kura  (our school's online learning environment)

More detailed school coordinator guidelines and resources are available in the My Te Kura 00-DualSchools course.

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Things to consider

You should ensure that:

Support from Te Kura is available

Your regional relationship coordinator  is your Te Kura support person. It’s their role to answer questions and to assist with any difficulties. Make a note of the contact details for the relationship coordinator in your region.