First steps

New emergency enrolment gateways have been created to support ākonga (students) affected by COVID-19 disruptions.

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Te Kura offers a wide range of courses for eligible dual-registered students who are attending another school, Alternative Education or Teen Parent Unit.

Dual tuition is useful to extend a school’s curriculum capability or curriculum adaptation for learners. When we form a partnership with another education provider, we establish a dual provider partnership agreement, which sets out how we will work together for our learners.

A student must be eligible for dual registration with Te Kura

In our experience, dual students are more likely to succeed when the enrolling school appoints a school coordinator who is responsible for coordinating registrations, ensuring students have access to the resources they need and arranging supervision and student support. Students achieve their learning goals when this is in place in their face-to-face school, when work is submitted regularly for assessment and when there is good communication with Te Kura subject teachers.

Most of our courses are delivered online, through our online learning environment – My Te Kura, and supplemented with other online education providers, students will need to be provided with supervised access to a suitable device and internet connection.

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To remain on our roll, the Ministry of Education requires each student to submit assessable work at least once a month for each subject the dual student is enrolled in.

You should also obtain the student’s parent, whānau or guardian consent for their student to be registered with Te Kura.

Please provide the enrolling student with a good understanding of how study with Te Kura works and the requirement to return work regularly for assessment by the teacher. Our Letter for parent/guardian and ākonga/student consent to study with Te Kura will help you with this.