2021 NCEA Registration

If you are studying NCEA courses with us this year and wish to register for externally assessed standards, you will need to submit an NCEA registration.

If you are not sure if you should register, or which standards to register for, ask your subject teacher.

If you are studying at a secondary school as well as Te Kura, your own school is responsible for registering you for the externally assessed standards for your Te Kura courses.

Start your registration here

Externally assessed standards include:

Important to know

Submit your registration before the deadline specified in your NCEA Registration email.

If you register for any November/December exams, you will need permission from a secondary school in your local community to sit your exams there. We’ll email who you need to contact on submission of your registration. Te Kura must receive this permission from your intended exam centre school by the deadline specified in your NCEA Registration email.

If you were previously enrolled with another secondary school this year, you must re-register any externally assessed standards through Te Kura.

Practice exams (sat from 6 to 10 September) must be supervised by a non-family member if you wish to be eligible for derived grades (NCEA exams only).

You do not need to submit a NCEA registration if you do not wish to register for any externally assessed standards, or your courses do not offer any externally assessed standards. Ask your kaimanaaki or subject teacher if you are not sure.

For information about internal assessment deadlines, special assessment conditions, appeals and your NZQA student login, please refer to this NCEA assessment information sheet.

If you need help

Queries about registering - ncea.registration@tekura.school.nz

Queries about practice exam supervision - practiceexam@tekura.school.nz