2018 NCEA results

How do I check my 2018 NCEA results?

You can view your 2018 results through your NZQA student login page.

How do I check my 2018 NZ Scholarship results?

If you sat NZ Scholarship exams, your results can be viewed in your NZQA student login page from 7 February.

I don't agree with an external result. What can I do?

Following the return of marked NCEA exam booklets from late January, you'll have until 15 February to apply for any review or reconsideration of your external results. Full details can be found on the information sheet returned with your exam booklets. The final date for a Scholarship review or reconsideration is 1 March.

I haven't paid my 2018 NCEA fee yet, what should I do?

If you were awarded NCEA results in 2018 but didn't pay your 2018 NCEA fee, you'll need to pay this to NZQA through your NZQA student login page. This will ensure your 2018 results are recorded in your Record of Achievement and count towards your qualifications.

How do I receive a copy of my qualification and/or Record of Achievement?

You can order an official paper copy of an awarded certificate and/or your Record of Achievement through your NZQA student login page (at no cost). However, we'd recommend waiting until March (when all reviews/reconsiderations have been finalized) as subsequent copies cost $15.30.

2019 NCEA registration and payment

If you're studying NCEA level courses, you'll be attempting standards and gaining credits from those standards. In each year that you gain credits, you'll need to submit an online registration and pay an NCEA fee. We'll email you some instructions when our 2019 NCEA registration and payment facility opens in June.

Need help?

Please call our Qualifications team on 0800 65 99 88 Option 3.