Aroha, support & tips for when you’re not feeling ok

Disasters and big shocks, like the event in Christchurch Ōtautahi, take a toll on all of us and coping is not always easy. Some of us are feeling on edge and upset right now.  

The allright? website has practical tips that remind us of the small things we can do to look after ourselves and others, even when times are tough:

Keeping in touch with whānau, friends, and teachers is helpful. Keeping to usual routines is a good idea. Try to do some schoolwork every day even if it’s only a little bit. Do what you know helps you feel ok.

Here are some support services to help if you need it.

Here are some links to more information on coping after a traumatic event and supporting your kids after a traumatic event:

Resources to help with mental distress after Christchurch incident - Ministry of Health website

Supporting each other after the Christchurch incident -Mental Health Foundation website


(Developed in partnership with Vitae Trauma Advisor, with acknowledgments to Allright?, Mental Health Foundation, Canterbury District Health Board, Healthy Christchurch, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education).