Feedback wanted on Draft Charter and Annual Plan for 2019

Our Charter and Annual Plan sets out the overall mission of Te Kura and how we will provide services to students. It also sets out the contributions we make to the education sector in New Zealand.

The draft Charter and Annual Plan for 2019 includes some new initiatives and some which continue from 2018. We are interested in hearing from our community about your views on the course we have set for Te Kura.

Our focus in 2019 will be on five new strategic priorities:

• Implement Big Picture Learning
• Focus on young adults and young people not in education, employment or training
• Tell our story
• Build systems capability
• Become a bilingual organisation

Download the draft Charter and Annual Plan 2019 

Request a printed copy to be sent to you by emailing our Chief Advisor Strategy

Please submit your feedback to Regan by Monday 14 January 2019.