Big Picture

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Design your own programme of learning to support your interests and passions. The starting point is YOU.

What are you interested in, what are your dreams for yourself and your future? Your Learning Advisor will help you explore your interests and options and create a personalised programme for you, supported by whānau and others, which will include exploring opportunities in your own community (and beyond if you want to).

Add to your NCEA options by choosing standards from a range of areas that connect to the programme of learning you have designed. Explore cross-curricular learning supported by your Learning Advisor where NCEA standards can fall out of projects and interest explorations.

Through Big Picture Learning you have the opportunity to build on your prior learning and experience and to develop new skills and insights driven by your own interests and passions. As part of this exploration you may attend a range of STAR courses, plan a work-placement with Gateway, and possibly be part of Huarahi, our Te Kura Trades Academy, which partners with providers across the country.

There are many opportunities to develop and apply the skills and knowledge you’ll develop through Big Picture Learning in authentic contexts in your own community, through work exploration leading to job shadowing, internships, secondary-tertiary opportunities, and future education and employment opportunities.

Courses in Big Picture