Learning Support / Special Education

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Learning Support

Learning Support refers to the additional support some ākonga need to engage and achieve in education. As with all full-time ākonga, a dedicated kaimanaaki will work closely with whānau and specialist support services (if required) to develop a personalised programme that takes individual needs and strengths into account.

Some ākonga with learning support needs will be able to access My Te Kura, our online learning environment, once specific supports are in place. Ākonga with higher and more complex learning needs, for example, those receiving ORS funding, may use a mix of online, print and other resources.

A personalised learning plan is developed in My Korowai, the online learning plan platform in My Te Kura, with input from ākonga, whānau, kaimanaaki, and the support team. There are regular reviews of the ākonga learning plan, discussion of progress against goals, and opportunities to set new goals.

Dual-enrolled ākonga in Years 1–8 are eligible to enrol in SEENG, SEMAS and SETOP, under the Learning Support Needs gateway.

Special Education

The courses offered under Special Education vary in curriculum levels. They ensure coverage of seven learning areas, as well as two life skill courses and are open to all ākonga in the compulsory education years and to adults.

Courses in Learning Support / Special Education