Primary Production (Agriculture / Horticulture)

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Agriculture and horticulture are two main parts of New Zealand’s primary industry sector. Primary industries form the backbone for many New Zealand communities and are the country’s biggest export earner. Primary Production is about producing living things from the land and water. This includes producing and rearing large livestock, such as cattle, sheep, pigs and deer, or smaller animals such as poultry, bees and earthworms. Aquatic animals such as fish and shellfish are farmed in New Zealand fresh and salt waters. Plants are grown in large-scale forests, plantations, vineyards and fields or in smaller scale market gardens. Plants are also grown for pleasure in ornamental gardens, turf culture and in landscape design.

Knowing the principles of producing and selling these primary products using methods that care for our environment gives ākonga a huge range of career choices. Possibilities range from ‘hands-on’ production to science, business, marketing, law and finance-related roles. All Primary Production courses link well with subjects such as science, biology, geography and economics.

Courses in Primary Production (Agriculture / Horticulture)