Supporting learning

Talking with your student about their learning will help them to understand and remember it.

You can help your student learn by:

We send practice exams to students who are entered for NCEA qualifications in term 3. Practice exams are important because they help your student and their teacher to identify which topics need revision or further explanation before external exams in November and December.

Suggested timetables

Primary (Years 1–6) students

We recommend that each day Years 1–6 students spend:

We also recommend that they spend about four to six hours each week on topic work/inquiry learning.

Students learning te reo Māori will need to allow time for this also.

Te Ara Hou (Years 7–10) students

Te Kura recommends that students spend an average of four hours each school day on their learning programme. This will includes English reading, English writing, and mathematics. There will be other areas of current investigation related to integrated studies of sciences, social sciences, arts, technology and health/PE. Together, these form the core of a student’s programme.

Additional option subjects may also be studied for up to five hours each school week. Your student’s learning advisor will support them to plan a suitable, personalised schedule.

NCEA Level 1–3 (Years 1113) students

We recommend: