Te Kura

About us

Te Kura is a distance education provider offering personalised learning programmes to students from early childhood to Year 13. Our students come from all walks of life with diverse interests, needs and goals.

We work in partnership with students, whānau, schools and communities to provide personalised, authentic learning experiences. With a ‘one size fits one’ approach to learning and a broad curriculum, we support each student to achieve their educational and personal goals so they can participate effectively as members of their community.

Our authentic learning approach ensures students have learning programmes which are meaningful and relevant, and based on each student’s passions and goals.

We also support schools to deliver a broad curriculum and specialist support to students in their community.

Our early childhood programme provides quality early childhood education to children who are unable to attend an early childhood education centre locally, either for reasons of distance and isolation or because demand exceeds the places available in their area.