Te Kura is required to collect personal information from students in order to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Education and Training Act 2020. This information will be used for:

The school may also provide this information to other third parties if the information relates to the education, health, welfare or safety of the student, both during and after enrolment at Te Kura. These third parties include:

Student name, identification number and email address, and the email address of the parent/caregiver/guardian of the student, may be provided to online providers to facilitate registration on their sites. By submitting an application for enrolment, students authorise the school to disclose such personal information to third parties in accordance with this privacy statement.

Parents and guardians’ access to information

Under the Education and Training Act 2020 and the National Administration Guidelines, parents and guardians have the right to access information directly relating to matters concerning the education of their child/student.

Personal information about a student

Under the Privacy Act 2020, any other personal information about a student held by Te Kura can only be released to the student. Personal information about a student will only be released to another party, including parents and guardians, with the student’s written permission or where the Privacy Act provides for an exception to be made.

Requesting access to/correcting personal information

Students have the right to access and request corrections to personal information held by the school by putting a request in writing to the school’s Privacy Officer.

Any requests for personal information about a student not directly related to their education should also be put in writing to the school’s Privacy Officer.

Providing information to online education providers

Increasingly, Te Kura is facilitating access for its students to a variety of online education providers that offer programmes and resources of value to students. These sites are designed for the New Zealand Curriculum and NCEA, and Te Kura recommends these sites to our students as they provide learning resources, which can supplement Te Kura courses. Te Kura makes every effort to confirm that these providers have robust privacy policies and are secure in terms of maintaining personal data.

To facilitate access to these providers, Te Kura sends the provider the name, identification number and email address of each student enrolled in related courses.

Any students with questions, concerns or feedback about such online education providers, the sites, or the registration process should email


CCTV cameras are operating at Te Kura’s Wellington offices at Portland Crescent.

The use of CCTV is to ensure security for staff and visitors, to act as a deterrent to any potential criminal activity, to help detect and capture evidence in the event of any crime, and to allow an assessment of and enable a quick response to incidents when emergency services are required.

Image capture and coverage may be viewed only in circumstances approved by Te Kura’s Privacy Officer in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

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