Te Kura

Learning With Us

Many of our courses have online or digital components so access to a computer with internet is advisable for most students and is a requirement for dual students enrolled in NCEA courses. Check our course selection guide Choice for more details.

In addition to online content and depending on what you are studying, we may provide a range of other teaching materials including workbooks, readers, CDs and DVDs, interactive CD-ROMs, textbooks, mathematics and science boxes, art packs, and craft materials for technology.

If you're a full-time, fee-paying or young adult student, we'll work with you to develop a programme of learning that meets your needs. As a full-time or fee-paying student, you'll have a learning advisor (similar to a form teacher or class teacher) who will be your main point of contact at school.

Learning at a distance doesn’t have to mean learning alone. Our learning advisors and teachers are in regular contact with students and their families to offer advice and support not just for students, but also for those, usually family members, who supervise their learning. There are also opportunities for face-to-face contact at events, advisories and tutorials.