Te Kura

Student toolkit

Welcome to Te Kura! You are now part of one of the biggest schools worldwide.

Many things we do are similar to what happens at face-to-face schools, some are different. This section of our website explains what we do and how we work with you.

No matter what your circumstances, we can help you learn with a programme that’s based on your interests, needs and goals.

Learning at a distance doesn’t mean learning alone, as our learning advisors and teachers are in regular contact with you and your family/whanau to offer advice and support.

After you’ve enrolled with us, your first point of contact is your learning advisor (other schools call them form teacher, class teacher or whanau teacher). Depending on your year level, you may also have a subject teacher or teachers. Your learning advisor will need to hear from you regularly and you should contact your learning advisor or subject teacher whenever you have a question or need some help with your school work.

You can call your learning advisoror teacher free on 0800 65 99 88. If you know their extension number you can then dial it to go straight through to them, or dial ‘0’ and ask the receptionist to put you through. Because we have so many students, it really helps when you have your student ID number handy. If you get the teacher’s voicemail, please leave them a message with your name, student ID number and contact phone number. They will call you back as soon as they can.

You can also email your learning advisor or teachers – our standard email address format is firstname.surname@tekura.school.nz

Contact your learning advisor or teacher if you have a question or a problem with your school work, or if:

  • you do not have enough schoolwork to do
  • you receive the wrong resources through the post or something is missing
  • the schoolwork is too easy or too difficult
  • medical or family circumstances are affecting your schoolwork
  • you are having difficulties with online access
  • your home address, phone number, fax or email address has changed.

Many of our courses are online, where you can also get involved in online discussions with your teacher and other students. Ask your learning advisor or teacher for more details about online learning.