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The Gateway programme offers longer term programmes which lead to industry unit standard qualifications. Gateway is a programme tailored for you. Structured around work-based learning, it allows you to learn and work while still at school. Full-time students in years 11-13 can select an industry of interest and study areas that will give you confidence to go out and achieve your dreams. Gateway courses may also be arranged for students in secondary schools which qualify for support.

Most students will work one day a week, and there are numerous industries to be explored including agricultural work, banking, electrical training and hospitality. Over the duration of the course you will receive both on the job training and mentoring from a supervisor and in turn you will get the opportunity to study topics relating to your work interest. With a focus on self-directed learning, motivation and enthusiasm is a must. In return the experience is more than highly enjoyable.

More information about Gateway

For more information about Gateway, read our Gateway brochure, talk to your learning advisor or ring Kathryn Smith (Gateway) on 0800 65 99 88 extension 8552, or email kathryn.smith@tekura.school.nz.

Download a Gateway application form.

Places on Gateway are limited, so apply as soon as possible.


A Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) course introduces students to training for a specific career. STAR courses are short courses at Polytechnics or private training providers for Secondary school students. Students participate in short-term programmes or 'taster-courses' for a few days at a time, or one day a week for several weeks; and longer-term programmes leading into Gateway (see above).

Who can apply for a STAR course?

Full time students and young adults enrolled in 3 or more subjects can apply. Preference is given to year 11, 12, and 13 students but sometimes year 10 students are allowed. If accepted for a STAR course, the fees are covered by Te Kura.

How to apply for a STAR course

1. Look at the options in your area by clicking on the links below under 'STAR 2017'.

2. Discuss with your Learning Advisor whether or not this is suitable for you

3. Contact your STAR Coordinator to request a placement:

Northern Region students contact: Secondary Tertiary Adviser Matthew Smith on 0800 65 99 88 ext. 8572 or email him matthew.smith2@tekura.school.nz  

Central North Region and Central South Region students contact: Secondary Tertiary Adviser Chris Berentson on 0800 65 99 88 extension 8479, or email christopher.berentson@tekura.school.nz

South Island students contact Sue Muers on 0800 65 99 88 extension 8368 or email sue.muers@tekura.school.nz 


STAR 2017

Whangarei & Northland



Currently, Applications for our South Island Camp at Boyle River are open.


Students going to STAR courses including camps may apply for a travel subsidy. If the travel is by public transport the tickets or receipt of purchase must be kept and copies sent in with the travel subsidy form. If the travel is by car, the mileage must be recorded and shown on the travel form for a 20 cent per km subsidy. Payment is made for one return trip per day. Download the STAR Travel Claim form and send it to the STAR coordinator upon completing the course.

Tertiary Link

Tertiary Link is the name for subjects outside the normal school curriculum that we purchase from Tertiary providers, and send to students to work on at home. There are 5 main subjects that students in years 12 and above can apply to work on, and they are listed below. In addition, year 11 students can try basic Car Ownership and Maintenance papers through our STAR Distance programme. These are found under the Automotive and Car Ownership link below:

Early Childcare



Automotive and Car Ownership