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Online courses

Many of our courses are only offered online, through our online learning environment (My Te Kura).

Most courses for students in years 7 to 10, and at NCEA Level 1 and 2, are online courses. To check whether or not a course is online, look it up using our Search courses page or in our course selection guide Choice.

For information about learning online, read our guide to online learning at Te Kura.


Our online learning environment is a safe, secure online environment enabling students to develop the digital literacy skills they will need to be successful citizens of the 21st Century. Learning online enables students to work collaboratively, share ideas and build their knowledge from the wealth of information and opportunities to learn that can be found on the web. 

Online learning is particularly useful for students working at a distance. It enables them to overcome the physical distances between them to learn and make connections.

Learning online also means students can have greater control over the time and pace of their learning. Teachers can provide feedback quickly while the learning is still fresh in the student’s mind.  Students can also move onto the next piece of work without being reliant on mail deliveries. This is important because changes to the postal service in 2015 have increased the time it takes for students to receive learning materials through the post and for their completed work to reach teachers for assessment.


NCEA Level 2 courses - mixed mode in 2017

From the beginning of the 2017 school year all of our other NCEA Level 2 courses will be available online and all students will be required to access their learning materials through our My Te Kura.

All of the NCEA Level 2 courses previously delivered by printed booklets will have at least five interactive online modules (or equivalent) available in My Te Kura at the beginning of the year. The remaining Level 2 course materials will be available as digital copies of the existing booklets in PDF format, until they have been adapted for online delivery. The PDF files can be downloaded and saved to be edited by students online, or printed and written in as if they were a pre-printed booklet. We recommend that any hand-written school work is scanned and uploaded work to the My Te Kura, but it can also be returned through the post.

As new online modules are added to the My Te Kura the corresponding PDF file will be removed. 


Frequently asked questions

What type of computer will my student need to enrol in an online course?

We recommend a laptop or desktop computer, netbook, or tablet PC (also known as a Smart PC) with at least 4GB of memory and a hard disk drive over 80GB. If your student is using a desktop computer it would also be useful for them to have a webcam with microphone so they can record video and audio files. Detailed information about the hardware and software you will need is available in our guide to online learning in 2017.

What type of data plan will we need? 

We recommend 30GB of data per month. If you have more than one student learning online you may need more data than this. 

What if we don’t have a computer or internet at home?

Te Kura has an assistance programme for eligible students who do not have sufficient access to a suitable device and/or internet connectivity. Please refer to our laptop and internet connectivity page for more information.

What support is available for online learning?

If you’re stuck or need assistance with online learning, the Student and Whānau Service Hub can help.

The Hub is available for students, whānau and schools to provide help with online learning. You can contact the Student and Whānau Service Hub on 0800 65 99 88 ext 8712 from 8am to 5pm on weekdays, or email hub@tekura.school.nz.